Release Day ~ Wed by Wednesday by Sarah O’Rourke






Wed by Wednesday

What happens when a naive city girl answers a personal ad to marry a bachelor farmer from the hills of Tennessee? Destiny! Read how Orla and Jethro’s story started back in the 1960s…and find out exactly how deliciously naughty these two can be!   This insta-love 50,000-word novel is filled with humor, romance, and just enough erotica to keep you coming back for more. Wed by Wednesday is the prequel to Sarah ORourkes Paradise series, and like all of her books, it can be read as a standalone.

Listen, chaste kisses are fine for what they are. Quick exchanges of affection. An innocent way to tell somebody they mean something. When you wanna show a woman that shes whats lighting the fire in your gut, though quick and innocent pecks just dont do the trick. Nah, a man goes dark and dirty for that kind of lesson. He wants his woman wet and hot. And he wants her that way everywhere. Her mouth. Her core. Everywhere.




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 Thirty- one? Orla echoed faintly. Hes thirty-one? The longer Nellie talked, the less this man sounded like the one shed been corresponding with for weeks.   Why, her Jethro, was sweet and soft-spoken, and certainly not as old as thirty-one. No. Her Jethro was nothing like the animal the older woman was describing.

 Yes, maam.   He surely is. I changed that rascals diapers myself, Nellie announced with a decisive nod, her eyes widening as she apparently noticed the surprise on young Orlas face. What? You mean to say that you didnt know how old your beau was?

 Well, not his exact age. I mean, his letters indicated he was older than me. I just assumed there were only a few years between us, Orla confided in a strangled whisper. Hells bells! Her future husband had over a whole decades experience on her. What in the world about her would attract a worldly, well-off man like him? Why hasnt he wed before now then? she asked without realizing shed spoken out loud.

 Nellie was quick with an answer to her question, however. Oh, many a girl around these parts have tried to lasso Jethros heart, but that surly demeanor of his runs all decent women right off his scent once they get a whiff of how crabby he is for two thirds the day.

 Whats he doin for the other third? Orla asked shakily.

 Oh, hes sleepin. Collectin his strength so he can keep his title as the worlds most boorish bachelor and all such manner of things. Truly, bout the only time Ive heard him stay civil for more than fifteen minutes is the hour long sermon we all sit through once a week at the church. And maybe once or twice a year when hes paying his respects at his dear departed momma and daddys grave or something such. Otherwise, hes blunt as a hammer and speaks with a tongue sharper than any knife youll ever come across.



Who is Sarah?   Sarah ORourke is actually two besties who live three states apart and write at all hours of the day and night! Born and raised in the Southern United States, they are overly attached to their one-click accounts, cant make it through the day without copious doses of caffeine, and spend way too much time on the phone with each other.  Between them, they have four children and twenty years of marriage…one to a super soldier and the other to egomaniac engineer. They hate empty chocolate wrappers and writers block, love to talk to readers…and oh, by the way, they write about strong, kick-ass women and hot alpha heroes!

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